Halal Policy清真政策

                        We assured the following production using the Halal raw materials, the supplementary materials and additives; the craft, the equipment meeting the Islamic requirement; the personnel with seriously regarding to this, and to carry on related Halal knowledge training to the related personnel.
                        我司建立清真保障體系之下,將全面履行Halal 規則,保證所生產的產品完全符合清真標準,適宜穆斯林消費。同時,該體系將作為我司一項新的規范性準則,具有可執行性、連續性、完整性,備查性,有助于進一步確保所生產產品的清真性,可成為第三方審核清真認證的依據和清真產品的保障文件。
                        The company will fully implement the Halal rules under the established Halal Assurance System, to guarantee that products absolutely comply with Islamic standards, and fit for Muslims consumption. At the same time, there has enforceability, continuity, integrity, memorandum in this system, as a new normative guideline, it can help to further ensure the Halal of produced products, it will become the basis of the Halal verification and authentication by the third party and the assurance file of the Halal products.
                        1 保證在印尼市場銷售的所有產成品都經過LPPOM MUI機構的halal認證。
                        2 保證產品制造過程中采購和使用的所有原材料是清真的。
                        3 保證生產系統是潔凈的,不允許出現非清真和骯臟的成分。
                        At the same time, we are committed to consistently produce halal products in meeting consumers needs including those of the Moslem consumers. We will achieve this by:
                        1. Ensuring all finished products made for the Indonesian market are certified halal by LPPOM MUI
                        2. Ensuring all raw materials procured and used in the manufacture of our products are halal
                        3. Ensuring the production systems are clean and free from non-halal and filthy ingredients.

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